D o l l  


Whatever you can conceive we can achieve. This includes gender, shape, height, custom clothing, skin color, eye color, hairstyle etc.
A custom-made doll can serve as a mascot for your company (for example Leon Lush, a popular youtuber, uses a monkey doll to add humor to his videos and to gain popularity).
Of course a doll can have many uses. It can be a personalized gift, therapeutic, fun and it can also be perceived as art. Of course these dolls can also be used for movies, videos and photos.
This first step is creating a sculpture. This sculpture is made by a professional artist. The artist will respect all your wishes.
This is an example. It's a custom-made ANIME head (sculpture). This sculpture was made by my artist. Here is another example. It's a baby (also made by the same artist).
After the sculpture has been created (takes about 2-3 weeks). You can either approve it or have it adjusted. After approval, I will create a custom-mould and with this mould, the doll can be created. This takes another 2-3 weeks. 
Materials used are usually TPE or Silicone and a stainless steel skeleton. Because of the skeleton the doll can assume many poses. A soft skeleton can also be used. A soft skeleton can't assume poses, but is extremely flexible. 
Silicone heads are usually very realistic especially when realistic makeup is applied. 
TPE heads are a little bit less realistic, but can still have plenty of details and are much cheaper.
We can create any kind of doll. You will own all the rights to the custom mould. Once a custom mould has been created, unlimited copies of the doll can be sold.
You can choose to sell your custom-made doll for a profit on your own website, or have it added to our webshop and every time somebody buys it, you will earn commission (usually 10%). 
Reborn babies are extremely popular and profitable. You can have one made according to your design, take pictures and sell it on E-bay or Amazon with a profit. Avatar babies are currently also trending. 
Custom-made TPE head - $1500
Custom-made Silicone head- $2000
Custom-made TPE head & body - $4500
Custom-made Silicone head & Body - $6000
You can choose to only have a custom-made head if you wanna keep the costs down. I can ship the doll with a standard body ranging from 65 cm to 160 cm. 
A standard body usually costs between $400 - 1000 depending on the height, material and quality. 
If you are interested or want more information then feel free to contact us.

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